LabVIEW is the testing software developed by USA NI and widely used in the measurement field. Thanks to its strong data acquisition and analysis functions and high-speed NI data acquisition card, it can monitor the running conditions of alternator quickly and accurately and indicate real-time status. HSJFTest 3.0 is based on LabVIEW and developed for performance test of alternator. Compared to traditional instrument testing, it resolves difficulties of harmonic and vibration tests and optimizes the testing system, providing a more professional alternator testing platform.



◆ No need of power analyzer, simple structure, stable testing, high precision and quick response
◆ Real-time waveform monitoring and analysis omits the need for oscillograph and spectra analyzer.
◆ Software controlled testing is more flexible and expandable.
◆ Auto/manual switchover
◆ Advanced high-speed and precision data acquisition system provides the quick and accurate measurement.
◆ Measure single-phase and three-phase alternator at the same time (option)
◆ Integrated testing modes: factory test, performance test and endurance test (option)
◆Measure the phase voltage, line voltage, current, active power, passive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency,
running time, waveform distortion factor and others.
◆ Strong real-time monitoring provides the real-time running conditions of alternator.
◆ Applicable tests and parameters: voltage setting range test, transient loading/unloading test (transient voltage adjustment rate, voltage stabilizing time and other indexes), stable loading/unloading test (stable voltage adjustment rate, voltage fluctuation and other indexes), line voltage deviation test at unsymmetrical load, line/phase voltage waveform distortion factor, continuous cycle test, voltage imbalance test, temperature rise test, efficiency measurement, etc. We are also able to integrate other applicable tests upon special requests of customers.
◆ Generate the test report quickly and determine the testing result automatically.
◆ AC load adjusted to the setting automatically or manually


Main interface:

Real-time waveform and data indication: indicate the
3-phase voltage/ current waveform and basic parameters of alternator

Main testing interface

Harmonic analysis

Provide the phase/ line voltage and current waveform
distortion factor and telephone harmonic factor and show all harmonic power spectra and amplitude spectra

Transient waveform

Catch the transient change of sudden loading /
unloading and monitor the adjustment rate and stability of voltage an frequency.