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Generator Unit Test System

Full-automatic Online Test Bench of the Generator Unit

The system is used to meet the online test of common generator unit, and the system applies computer centralized control, which is carried out by means of (automatic or manual) load regulating test. The test parameters are displayed in real time on the computer and the system is equipped with network communication interface.


Main Functions:
◆Output power, voltage, current, frequency and power factor of the tested generator unit;
◆Harmonic analysis, voltage deformation factor, frequency spectrogram and degree of asymmetry;
◆Steady-state adjustment rate and fluctuation rate of voltage and speed (frequency);
◆Transient-state speed regulating rate and stable time of voltage and speed (frequency);
◆ Voltage setting range and frequency breakdown;
◆ Mode of voltage measurement;
◆ Steady-state frequency band and steady state deviation;
◆Transient-state voltage, frequency deviation and recovery time;
◆ Voltage variations from cold state to hot state in 12H continuous operation;
◆ Comprehensive performance inspection of the motor;
◆ Comprehensive performance inspection of the generator unit;
◆Non-load voltage setting range;
◆ 12V DC voltage test, current 0-8A adjustable;
◆All electrical parameter tests are true virtual value
◆Sudden loading and sudden de-loading tests;


Main Technical Performance Parameters:





Power Factor


0~ 15KV

0~ 10000A

0~ 10MW

0~ 1.0

0~ 500HZ

Precision ± 0.5%

Precision ± 0.5%


Precision ±1%

Precision ± 0.05%


(*The value is determined by the specification of the generator unit to be measured)