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Generator Unit Test System

Control Console for Performance Test of Generator Unit

The test bench of performance of LDJF-3 series of generator unit is based on the computer as the core, and it applies multi-functional high-speed data acquisition system and sensor inspection system to complete the performance test of the generator or the generator unit. Besides, it can display the parameters, waveforms and curves in time and dynamically, and can print and store all data curves and waveforms. Such test system can perform delivery test, performance test and endurance test to generator units of 10MW and below, and can perform type test items according to the customers' requirement.

Main Functions:

◆ Automatic/manual mode switching;

◆ Apply advanced high-speed and high-precision data acquisition system and provide fast and correct measurement;

◆Can measure single-phase and three-phase AC generator units and DC generator units (optional) at the same time;

◆ Integrated test mode selection: delivery test, performance test and endurance test (optional);

◆Can measure the phase voltage, line voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, operation time and waveform distortion factor of the generator, and record the instant variation waveforms of the voltage and frequency, and other basic functions;

◆ Strong real-time monitoring function, provide real-time operation data for users;

◆Can perform the following items of tests or measurements to the generator units: voltage setting range test, frequency setting range test, transient-state load addition and reduction test of voltage frequency (four indexes of transient-state voltage adjustment rate, voltage steady time, transient-state frequency adjustment rate, frequency steady time), steady-state load addition and reduction test of voltage frequency (four indexes of steady-state voltage deviation, steady-state frequency band, steady-state voltage adjustment rate, steady-state frequency adjustment), line voltage deviation test in asymmetrical loads, line (phase) voltage waveform deformation factor, 12 hours continuous test of the generator unit, unbalance degree measurement of the voltage, unbalance degree measurement of the load, voltage modulation, phase sequence inspection, with convenient and fast switching of multi kinds of test standards, and can make design according to the special requirements of users;

◆Can produce test reports quickly after the test is completed and file the reports, can automatically judge the test results, and dynamically increase or modify the statement types according to the actual requirements of users.

◆Can full-automatically and manually regulate the AC resistance load and inductance load based on the set values;


Main Technical Performance Parameters:





Power Factor


0~ 15KV

0~ 10000A

0~ 10MW

0~ 1.0

0~ 500HZ

Precision ± 0.5%

Precision ± 0.5%


 Precision ±1%

Precision ± 0.05%

(*The value is determined by the specification of the generator unit to be measured)