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Generator Unit Test System

Control Console for Performance Test of AC Generator



LDJF-3Z fully automatic generator test bench mainly consists of three parts: measurement and control system/operation control system (PC+ detection and control part + console), electrical control systems (electrical control part + load regulation control part + short-circuit test cabinet + star/ delta connection switching control cabinet) and dragging test bench. Two types of control modes are set on the console, i.e. the fully automatic mode mainly operated through the computer as the operation interface and manual mode mainly operated through the button. The manual mode is auxiliary control mode which is mainly used for load regulation and control.
Generator Test Platform:
The load system can use energy-feedback- type test system with AC motor and servomotor as drivers; the load system can also use direct towing method with variable-frequency motor as speed regulating system, to consume the energy generated by the tested motor directly onto the fixed load, and control the output power of the tested motor through the regulating exciter.
By applying pneumatic axial connection, the tested motor can be directly and quickly installed with specialized rigid coupler without screw connection, the cylinder directly compact the rear part and the clamping speed is fast.
Main Functions:
◆Voltage regulator adjustment
◆Temperature rise test
◆Excited temperature rise test
◆Steady-state voltage regulation rate
◆Transient-state voltage regulation rate
◆Difference regulator adjustment
◆Hot-state over-current test
◆Short-time rise voltage test
◆Overload test
◆Open circuit characteristics test
◆Short-circuit characteristics test
◆Sustained short-circuit test
◆Current unbalanced load test
◆Over-speed test
◆Hot-state insulation resistance test
◆Hot-state high-voltage test
◆Phase sequence inspection
◆Voltage balance degree inspection
◆Current balance degree inspection
◆Remanence voltage