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Starter Tester

LDK-8 Starter Electromagnetic Switch Simulation Endurance Tester

LDK-8 starter electromagnetic switch simulation endurance test stand is a fully automatic computer-controlled simulation endurance test stand that simulates electromagnetic switch installed state. The test stand carries out tests under the condition of simulating shift fork position and apical tooth loaded condition, fully simulating the application of electromagnetic switch in starter.

Main Function:
◆The test process is fully automatically controlled by computer. If any equipment abnormalities occur, the equipment stops
automatically and sends an alarm signal. The whole process is monitored by computer in real time without testers monitoring.
◆The equipment is able to test 5 electromagnetic switches of different powers and nominal voltages simultaneously, with
alternative processes that could be fully and automatically controlled by computer. The test cycle time could be set accordingly.
◆Data of each station’s test process are displayed in real time with digital display and curve display. Curve display can reflect
the changes of electromagnetic switch in the test process, which assists developers in analyzing and solving technical issues.
◆The equipment monitors abnormalities of electromagnetic switch in the test process, including switch adhesion, switch unable
to pull-in, unqualified outage competence, short-circuit coil, etc. Once abnormalities are detected, it will stop the test
automatically and send an alarm signal, which assists developers to analyze issues timely.