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Alternator Tester

High and Low Temperature Alternating Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber


The equipment will conduct high and low temperature test on parts and materials of aerospace products, automobiles and household appliance, electronic and electrical products as well as other products, with an objective to evaluate the work quality of the products.


Standard Compliance:

◆GB QCT729-2005 Technical Conditions for Automotive AC Generator.
◆QC/T413-1999 Basic Technical Conditions of Automotive Electrical Equipment.
◆GB10592-89 High and Low Temperature Test Chamber Technical Conditions.
◆GJB150.3 High Temperature Test.
◆GJB150.4 Low Temperature Test.


Equipment Structure:

◆The case of the test chamber is of overall structure, the cooling system is on the lower rear part of the case, and the control system is on the right side of the test chamber.
◆The heater, cooling evaporator, dehumidification evaporator and fan blade are distributed in the interlining of the air dust on one side of the work chamber; there is a cable hole of ф50 on the left side of the test chamber, the test chamber is of single door (with embedded-type door handle) and adopts the sealing by double-layer ageing resistant silicon rubber.
◆On the door of the chamber, there is an inspection window, anti-frost device and an illuminating lamp that can be controlled by the switch.


Materials of the equipment:

◆The inner wall of the work chamber is processed and formed by SUS304 stainless steel plate and the wall surface is easy to clean.
◆The housing is formed by high-quality cold-rolled sheet, with electrostatic dusting treatment on the surface.
◆The cooling system adopts French-imported Tecumseh hermetic cascade compressor set.
◆The hear preservation and insulating layer adopts rigid polyurethane foaming and superfine insulation cotton.
◆Stainless steel fin electric heater.
◆Electric heating shallow evaporative humidifier.
◆Special motor and centrifugal convection fan.
◆Water is supplied by underneath-type water tank with automatic control of water level.
◆Air-cooled condenser, fin-type convection evaporator.
◆Imported refrigeration auxiliary parts (expansion valve from the USA, solenoid valve from Italy and oil separator from Germany).
◆The temperature and humidity is measured by PT-100 sensor from Japan (wet and dry bulb).
◆The temperature and humidity is controlled by TEMI-300 temperature and humidity controller from South Korea (the setting mode is light-touch push-button type), which will measure and control the humidity inside the chamber. The heating and humidification elements adopt SSR solid-state relay.


Technical parameters:


0~ 32V













Test countd



Apical tooth







Main technical indicator of the test box:

Size  of operation room


Temperature range of the   work chamber


Temerature fluctuation


Temperature uniformity


Temperature deviation


Rate of  temperature rise

Prise from normal temperature to+120℃ in less than 45min

Rate of temperature drop

Drop from normal temperature to -70in less than 75min


30~98 R.H(Constant temperature can be set

Humidity deviation

±2.5%R.H(humidity≥75%R.H) ±3%R.H(humidity≤ 75%R.H)