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Environmental Test Chamber

Muddy Water Test Chamber


The equipment is used to simulate devices that frequently or occasionally work under muddy environment such as automobile motor, to evaluate the work performance of the equipment.


Standard Compliance:

◆GB QCT729-2005 Technical Conditions for Automotive AC Generator.
◆GB QCT731-2005 Technical Conditions for Automotive Starter.
◆QC/T413-1999 Basic Technical Conditions of Automotive.


Electrical Equipment:


Materials of the equipment:

◆The housing is made of cold-rolled steel plate with plastic spraying/ the inner wall of the work chamber is processed and formed by SUS304 stainless steel plate.
◆Stainless steel mud spraying swing stem.
◆Special high-pressure water pump.
◆Silicon rubber sealing strip, imported water-proof sealing rotary joint.
◆Variable frequency speed controller and adjustable speed motor.
◆Sample holder and the rotational structure of the sample holder, glass observation window.
◆Anti-muddy water sedimentation control system.


Equipment Structure:

◆The case of the test chamber is of overall structure, and the mud saline water tank and the high-pressure pumping system are located on the bottom of the chamber.
◆The control system is on the right of the test chamber.
◆The test chamber is of single door, which is sealed by organic glass and double-layer anti-ageing silicone rubber.
◆The test chamber has inspection window and windscreen wiper.
◆An illuminating lamp that can be controlled by the switch is installed on the equipment.
◆High-pressure cleaning system is installed on the right of the test chamber.


Technical parameters:

Output voltage

0~   50V


Output current



Output power

0~   6000W


 Excitation current



 Motor rotating speed




Main technical indicator of the test box:

Size  of operation room


Temperature range

(normal temperature)~+40℃

Temperature   uniformity


 Temperature fluctuation


 Pressure  of high-pressure nozzle


Length of  spray pipe


Diameter  of  the spray pipe


Diameter  of  the spray pipe