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Alternator Tester

LDF-8 high-temperature rapid speed variation and durability performance testing platform


Model 8 series of generator testing platform is mainly used for the durability test and performance test of the generator. The test box can be customized based on the requirements of the customers so as to test the temperature resistance performance or temperature variation resistance. The stable and reliable main axial servo system can be adopted for the motor drive system, which can meet the requirements for speed  case of urgent speed change test. The conventional durability test includes:
high-temperature durability test, high-temperature and high-speed test and urgent speed change test etc.



Main functions:

◆The single-station or double-station dragging design can meet the requirements of the different customers.
◆ The double station can test two generators with different models at the same time.
◆The reliable protection mechanism can stop the test and record the information of the abnormalities when the generator cannot generate electricity and is damaged or when the system is abnormal.
◆The user-defined process test can be conducted and the customers can define the test process to meet the various test needs.
◆The temperature, voltage and current are automatically controlled by the computer; multi signals can conduct the real-time monitoring with automatic alarm.
◆The data can be automatically saved and shall not disappear after power failure.
◆It can conduct real-time voltage and current curve display track and draw the curve during the urgent speed change with the acceleration of 1.5s and deceleration of 2s.
◆It can conduct automatic speed calibration.
◆The computer can control maximum-300A electric load; the voltage can be controlled within 6-30V with the resolution up to 0.01V.